Neasham via Girsby

The Walk.

Walk started from Neasham NZ 326 102. We encounted Giant Hogweed (Heracleum Mantegazziaum ). The sap of this plant is harmful to humans & can cause blindness if it comes in contact with the eyes so take care if you encounter any on your walks.


Lunch was at the church on the hill at Girsby.

Tea stop at St.John the Baptist Church.

After lunch we followed the Teesdale way to St John The Baptist Church in Low Dinsdale when we stopped for a cup of tea.



On the Buttress of the church tower there are two dates 1843 when the tower was built, & 1876 when it extended to its present height.


Can you spot the join?

When we arrived to the road leading to Neasham, we found that the Neasham Hill farm sold eggs with a honesty box at the gate. A lady was in the garden, and gave us all a much welcomed ice lolly as the day had turned out to be a hot & humid one.

We thanked her and continued down to the Fox & Hounds to sample the waters!

A view of the river Tees and surrounding countryside.

A view of the countryside from Girsby church with the bridge over the River Tees from which we spotted the Giant Hogweed nestled in the trees as it winds it's merry way towards Middlesbrough & the North Sea.


Leader: Mr D.Borley



Write up & Photos by Mr G.Lindsley

Giant Hogweed.
The Church Tower.


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