Photo Competition.

2017 Calendar Photo Competition


In order to get the calendar designed & printed in good time, the competition year will start in November 2015.


Members may submit a maximum of three additional photos over the year as entries in the cover photo competition. Any photo submitted that isn't selected for use in the calendar may, if suitable, be automatically submitted to the cover photo competition in addition to your personal choice of three.


Please include with your submissions, a title, a comment, date taken & walk taken on (see rule 2:). Submissions can be by submission to the H&DR Gallery (email address & password issued on request), in person on memory stick/equipment/memory card, collection by me from your home (within reasonable travelling distance) or by email to (some email clients limit file sizes). I have the facility to download from most cameras, phones etc. if you are not familiar with the procedure.




Houghton and District Ramblers (hereafter referred to as H&DR) Competition Rules.


1: Members may not submit more than three photos per walk. In addition, up to three photos may be submitted for use as the 'Cover' photo, these should have a link to H&DR

i.e. include several members, be representative of the type of walks undertaken by H&DR and not be 'posed group' shots. Cover submissions to be submitted before end of October 2015.


2: Photos must be taken on a H&DR Walk in the month they are submitted for, i.e. taken in March 2015 for possible use as the March 2016 calendar photo.


3: Photos must be submitted no later than seven days after the last H&DR walk of the month they were taken in and include details of where taken.


4: The name of the winners will be published on one or more of H&DR's media formats. None of the winning photos will be used, other than for the calendar, until it's publication.


5: The winner of the 'cover photo' section will be announced early November 2015.


6: Winners names will be entered in a prize draw. Members winning more than once will be entered in the prize draw once for each win. The prize/prizes to be decided later by John Conder.


7: Neither the photographer nor H&DR are permitted to disclose which photos have been submitted and/or have won to anyone else, whether a H&DR member or not.


8: Photographer retains copyright of the photos but H&DR have exclusive rights to use all submitted photographs until 31st December 2015.


9: Photos submitted must be of good quality, minimal photoshopping, at least 3,000 px. wide by 2,000 px high (approx. 6 megapixel), landscape format. Cropping is allowed, no panoramas.

Entries will be rejected if they don't meet the requirements of the printers. Acceptable formats are JPG, RAW & TIFF. If RAW files are 'post processed' before submitting, use 300 dpi and

minimum compression, if you don't know what that means, don't worry, it won't affect your chances of winning.


10: No watermarks, dates, geographical data, comments or other information superimposed on the photo.


11: Entries may be short listed then passed to an independent third party for selection of a winner. Judge's decision is final.


12: No hard copy (printed photos) or scanned image files and must be your own work.


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